Earning a lot of money


Earn a 40% commission for each sale of our unique softwares, this is an opportunity you cannot miss!


For every person who convince you to buy an Spy4m software, you will receive a commission of 40% net. For example, a sale of 149.95 Euro, meaning you get a commission of 60.00 Euro for you.

And when a person buys a monthly subscription, you will receive the commission for ALL the subscription duration period, for example, if a person buys the X-Pro software with a monthly subscription you will receive a commission of 36.00 Euro every month!


Thousands of affiliates have already joined our program, registration is totally free and does not require special expertise, you have the opportunity to join our team of Affiliates SPY4m, whether you have a website is already up and running that you have to start from scratch, let us help you EARN BIG.


How much it cost to become an affiliate to your program?

Sign up as an affiliate does not cost anything. No set-up fees, no monthly charges, no performance target to reach!

Can I use the texts of the website to promote your products?

Yes, you can use the text and images on our website in order to promote SPY4m

How and when do I get paid?

You are paid directly by our payment processor, the US company CCBill.com by check or bank transfer. Payments are made every 7 days.

I will have to issue an invoice to get paid?

No, there will be no invoice request. You can create an affiliate account without owning a VAT number.

Is there a minimum payment?

Yes, the minimum to request a payment is 25.00 Euro. If during a month you reach this figure your credit will be transferred to the following month.

Where to check the statistics of my earnings?

You can access the CCBill Administration site by clicking here https://admin.ccbill.com

Are there any restrictions that I need to observe?

You can not promote our softwares telling of lies. For example, the software can be installed remotely just by sending an SMS or something else...
Not to mention you can not support that feature, you can not tell nonsense, inform yourself well before what the software can do and what it can not do.
You must NECESSARILY inform the potential user of our softwares are to be installed only on the phone that you want to keep under observation, that the cell phone on which you will install NECESSARILY must have a data connection (Internet) to work, and that if it is a iPhone should perform a JAILBREAK before installing the software.
In the event of non-compliance with any of these rules your account will be blocked and earnings NOT paid.


  • Promote a modern and winning product that people ask!
  • Membership is managed by an "independent" company, the reports, the management and the payments are made by CCBill affiliate account, a market-leading company.
  • Our software is the market leader, since 2005, it has been many times imitated but never equaled.
  • Immediate gains, the software is downloaded immediately and your commission also!
  • If you have a website that deals with: Gossip/Relationships - Surveillance/Security - Technology/Cell Phones your earnings are GUARANTEED.
  • We pay a generous commission of 40%, we want our affiliates to be happy as we are!
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