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At SPY4m web account, you can access 24/7 with your username and password.

Here are some examples of screens

  • Email Messages

    You can view the details of E-mails/MMS etc. inbound or outbound, email address, contact name, and more.
  • Call Logs

    You can view details of voice calls incoming or outgoing call, the duration, number, contact person, and more.
  • Locations

    You can see where the target phone is on a map and follow it live...
  • Contacts

    AEach contact in your contact list is copied and saved to your web account.
  • Photo Gallery

    All photos stored on the phone are copied and saved, available for download from the web account.
  • Call Recordings

    X-PRO is the first spy software for mobile phones that allows you to record phone calls with a simple SMS command. The audio files can be listened to and saved at any time.
  • SMS Messages

    You can view the details of incoming and outgoing SMS message, the corresponding number, contact, message content, and much more...
  • Websites Visited

    The list of all web sites visited, with a list of URL and title of the page.
  • Instant Messages

    All conversations or chat with WhatsApp, Skype, iMessage, Viber, WeChat or BBM are recorded and readable at all times.