Make sure your family members are safe online and put a stop to unwanted behavior with the Monitoring Software SPY4m

Spy Software spyphone Spy4M X-PRO Spy4M LIGHT spyphone spy software

Features of Monitor Software SPY4m

  • Passcode Cracker
  • If they change their passwords you’ll be updated of the new password so you can still login to check activity
  • Passwords Cracker
  • Knowing they passwords they use will likely get you into other accounts or services
IPhone & Android  
  • Bug their room
  • Bug their room. Turn their phone into a microphone
Spy App Android  
  • SpyCall recording *
  • Recording of Surroundings
Spy phone  
  • Recording of live conversations
  • Record the conversations of the spyphone
IPhone & Android  
  • Spoof SMS
  • Using Spoof SMS To Snoop Information
Spy app to monitor mobile phones  
  • RemCam *
  • Remote control of camera
Capture and monitoring a mobile  
  • WhatsApp IM Capture
  • To get the full picture, you need pictures
iPhone & Android iPhone & Android
  • BlackBerry Messenger Capture
  • One picture and one thousand words
BlackBerry BlackBerry
  • Facebook IM Capture
  • Good News – You Can Spy On Facebook
iPhone & Android iPhone & Android
  • LINE IM Capture
  • Spying on their LINE chats!
iPhone & Android iPhone & Android
  • Skype chat Capture
  • You could view the content of someone else’s Skype chats
iPhone e Android iPhone e Android
  • View their Text messages
  • Who are they always texting, who's texting them?
tracking mobile monitoring remote
  • iMessage Capture
  • Capture and copy iMessage iPhone chats
IPhone IPhone
  • View their MMS messages *
  • Spying and capture MMS messages
Spyphone camera spy Cheating Dishonesty
  • Read their E-Mail
  • Does your partner use their phone for work?
tracking phone devices spy phone android
  • Call History
  • Call history of all incoming and outgoing calls including details such as call duration
android spy software mobile phone spy
  • Wallpapers Logging *
  • Copy and logging mobile phone wallpapers and backgrounds
cell phone monitoring software gps tracking
  • Contact List
  • Save and copy the contacts in Address Book
Catch Cheating Spouse Catch cheating girlfriend
  • Copy and save Photos
  • View all the pictures downloaded to the target devices
Catch cheating boyfriend Catch cheating husband/wife
  • Copy and save Videos
  • View all the multimedia files taken and stored on the target device
Cell Phone Tracker Mobile phone spy software
  • Copy and save Audio files
  • Spy on someone else's audio memos
Social media monitoring Samsung spy software
  • Browsing History
  • You can know exactly what's going on
iPhone & Android iPhone & Android
  • Website Bookmarks *
  • See which websites were bookmarked
Child protection Employee monitoring
  • Installed Applications *
  • See any type of apps installed on the smartphone or tablet
Monitor internet use Current GPS Location
  • Copy and save Note
  • Copy and save the iPhone NOTE
iPhone iPhone
  • Calendar Meeting Activities
  • Monitor tasks created and logged into the target device
iPhone & Android iPhone & Android
  • GPS Location Tracking *
  • Instantly see the current whereabouts on a comprehensive map
cell phone tracking software cell phone spyware
  • Get the current GPS position
  • Easily and non-intrusively monitor the location of your children
spy on SMS spy on live calls
  • Unlimited device changes
  • Change your mobile phone with no limits
Parental Control Software Software spyphone
  • Remote Control
  • Control the software with SMS commands
Monitoring app spiare cellulari
  • Money back guarantee *
  • 10-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Mobile phone spy Text message spy
  • 100% Undetectable
  • Stay discreet with our software
Spy Applications Android GPS tracking app

Web Support

  • Secure Web Account
  • Is your partner cheating on you?
spy software wanting to monitor your kids
  • Keyword search
  • Did your child make it to school or home from school?
Tracking your child Wanting to monitor your employees
  • Downloadable Reports
  • Read your partners SMS, Email, IMs, Call Logs, Address book
Catch your cheating partner Spying on a cell phone

Special features

  • SIM Change Notification
  • Military grade spyphone software
Listen to conversations near your partners phone Listen to your partners live phone conversations
  • Internet connection required *
  • Track their husband’s location
Record of all that your child or spouse talks about Call recorder App
  • Easy to Use
  • Keeping track of your teenager’s activities
Tracking all Internet activities Spy on Spouse Text Messages

Supported Devices

  • Symbian Smartphones
Spy Software for Smartphones Spyphone
  • BlackBerry Smartphones
Spy on iPad Spy on iPhone
  • Phone Apple Smartphones
Spying on BlackBerry Spying on Android
  • Android Smartphones
Child protection program Spy cam


  • 1 Month Subscription
  $29.95   $79.00
  • 3 Months Subscription (best value!)
  • 12 Months Subscription
  • Order X-PRO
  • Order LIGHT
* Note

  • Record SpyCalls
    Take Photos remotely
    Copy and save Wallpapers saved on the phone
    Copy and save the bookmarks of web sites
    Copy and save the Installed Applications
Available for iPhone, Android (rooted) and Symbian. It does not work on BlackBerry phones.
  • GPS Tracking:
The SPY4m Spy Software X-PRO and SPY4m LIGHT include monitoring of the position with GPS. Make sure your target phone has enabled the GPS service. The spy software captures the position every 20 minutes and transfers it to the web account every 60 minutes.
  • Money back guarantee:
We refund the purchase cost of the license if you are not satisfied, Read the terms of use of the software.
  • Internet connection required:
All products require an Internet (2/3/4G) connection to download the software and activate the license. Can be used the Wifi in place of a network of Internet connection in all cases. An Internet connection is required for capture and data transfer to the web account. SpyCall and Call Interception don't require an Internet connection after the initial installation.

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